L4D2 Related: Changing the model of the weapon_ammo_spawn entity?

Whatever I set the world model as the weapon_ammo_spawn entity still reverts to it’s original model ingame. Is there any fireproof way of changing its model or am I doomed to use the original model forever?



Sorry for the hugeass picture…


I get this too, it’s probably hard coded into L4D2.

It was six hours, this really didn’t need a bump.

Maybe it’s the model you’re trying to use.

Does the model work as a prop_static, prop_dynamic or prop_physics?

Try making the ammo thing a different model to the one you’re trying a the moment.

Set the model bags render mode to invisible and then place a prop_static with the new one there?

Otherwise you’ll probably need to set custom model stuff in the addon information.

I bumped it because it quickly fell to the bottom.
As I said any model I try changing it to still resets it to the default one.

Well I’d actually want the glow around the backpack model, and not the glow in shape of the default ammo stack.

you COULD change the model in l4d1 so i see no reason why you should do the custom model thing.
not even the other ammo model works.