L4D2 Replacements into SFM?

So I’ve extracted an addon from Left 4 Dead 2 to use in SFM and I can’t get it to work properly. I can spawn the v_arms fine but the complete world model is invisible.


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Whats the models shader?

Also does console mention a vtx file being unreadable/out of date?

I’m not sure about the shader but in the console I’m getting the following.

I wrote a Steam guide on the subject of porting L4D2 mods into SFM a while back. You might find it useful.

Oh it takes modifying things, yeah I’ll probably fuck that up. I don’t suppose anyone wants to take a look at it for me?

Decompiling it with crowbar and recompiling it for SFM will work, I’m pretty sure.

well the hex guide didnt work which is fucking annoying

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Instead of having IDST it had IDST1 so I changed it to 0 and it still crashed.

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Can someone do this for me

Mind passing the model? I might take a look at it.

Yeah, here’s a link to it.

Here you go.

Legend mate! Thanks.