L4D2 Road Signs in Gmod


So I recently imported my L4D2 Models & Materials into Garry’s Mod and was looking for the road sign’s you find near Dead Center and Hard Rain that say Gas 2 Miles and Liberty Mall Evac but to my disappointment, There is no screen. I did some research to find out why there wasn’t and I found out that it is a mapping trick done by valve.

I know I can do it with Wire but I don’t know how.

Can someone help me by getting these road sign models to say what It says in game?

Thanks in advance!


There’s this “props_signs” folder in the “Left 4 Dead 2” folder under Browse, check in there.

I am disappoint because you’ve chosen to download a bootleg version of the L4D models, Garry has already added support for mounting these games. But if you don’t own L4D yourself you can download the Dedicated Servers, get GCFScape, extract it to a place and open the program up, navigate to steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2(dlc_# where # is the value, from 1 to 3. 1 is for The Passing, 2 is for The Sacrifice and 3 for Cold Stream). Anyway, the model is props_fairgrounds/trailermessageboard.mdl

I have not downloaded a bootleg. I have L4d2 in my steam library. Don’t believe me? Check abandonedgarrysmod on steam community and look at my games list. I simply opened them with GCFScape and made them an add-on.
2. Ill try that. Thanks!

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It just shows the sign without anything.

Its because it probably has multiple skins, download the skin or bodygroup changer to use the other skins

…or put the model into a spawnlist by right-clicking on the spawnicon in Browse or Search, selecting Add to Category, choose a category and clicking “Add this Icon”.

I apologize for calling that thing you got a bootleg, but getting packs like this one and this one would I personally consider bootlegging, I’ve taken my Dumb rating back from you… and change it to a Friendly (good thing you can change your rating, such as if you had 3 Dumbs including the 3rd previously from me and I changed it to Friendly your 3rd dumb gets replaced with a Friendly rating! Unless someone comes and puts their Dumb rating on)

I never knew about that, I was wondering how that was done. That is a much easier way.

Yeah, I had made a spawn list with a spawn list generator but it showed up like that. There is only one model that i have found. Maybe if someone can take the screen model and make it into an entity we can fit it onto the screen as saying one thing rather than making complicated props with moving text like the server models from half life 2.

And its ok, i got confused when you said i bootlegged them somehow. I had just made spawn lists for them cause i already own l4d2 on steam.

Apparently, the textures for the messages seem to be brush-based as they use the shader LightmappedGeneric. Plus I found some Vscripts, for mapping:

c#_#_trafficmessage_frequency (Where the c# part is from 1 to 4, only these exist while the _# part only has 3 and 4)

Example: c4_3_trafficmessage_frequency.nuc

I guess they were only for mapping…

Also, when I called that “thing” you got a bootleg I was talking about the model pack you got

Hmm. Thats too bad they are only for mapping. Anyway, thanks for all of your help.

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Since moderators didnt close the thread yet: Port them with 3DRipper if you really need them. Although I doubt it works on MACs (–> ask someone to do it who has a PC).