L4D2 - Rocks, Cliffs and Trees

Hi, Can anyone help me, or know where I can find a bunch more rocks/cliff models for use in L4D2. Similar to the ones that are in there now for large rocks (The lighter coloured ones) but in more shapes/sizes. I also need a bunch of smaller rocks, around the size/colour of the river rocks.
Also, some more trees that will work with the wind, pine styled ones if possible.


Use gm_mount2.

He want to use the models IN l4d, not use the models from it.

There are a bunch of models fitting your description in HL2 and Ep2, but they might already be included in l4d2. I only mapped for l4d1, where a bunch of those models were missing.

I assumed they were included, however not much changed from 1->2. So i’ll have a look, thanks.