L4D2 Surivors Velociraptors for Gmod as Hexed

L4D2 Chars:

They are fingerposeable wich is the biggest reason why I am requesting them.


Here’s the download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/d6hvvyfr1gszghg/Velociraptors.rar?dl=1

they’re pretty much the same model as Dr. Face’s Rappy. you could just reskin those by hexes with the skins these guys have onto them, so that they have facials.

Don’t ruin my moment

Rappy model doesn’t cooperate with ragdoll mover.
And those facial features aren’t ground breaking so you can make same looking job with photoshop easily.

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Hmm these models crashes Gmod instantly when it tries to generate spawn icon.

Not my fault, this usually happens when you are using up too much memory or have a bad graphics card, once you get past this though it should work, try closing programs you don’t need in task manager.

Those are basically the raptor models that were ported from JKA into GMod. That’s why they are popular


These are made by Thrawn42689 and others as a collaboration project.

They don’t have facials, Dr. Face must of made those himself or with some help.

Doesn’t work with Gmod 13 wich supports L4D2 models normally.

All what I think to blame is lack of ‘.dx80’ files.

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I have some Raptor collection but sadly they lack fingerposing.
Does these ones have it?

Their not made for GMod. Those are jka models, you must of had the ported pack

I have that pack and it is mainly the reason why I asked someone to port L4D2 ones, because those ones in L4D2 are exactly same but they have fingerposing ability.

Probably need to run the VTXFixer program for it to work if anything


Dammit jason you still got me :’(

Going to test that after I finish my pose with buggy Rappy model.

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Nope, didn’t work.



You may have beaten me once again, but I will get my revenge!

Just you wait to find a thread asking for a hex request, only too see that the mighty Joe has done if before you!

Don’t keep your hopes up, Jason is has fast as a tiger