[L4D2] Survival item spawns

So now we have the SDK i’ve been working on a survival map.
Map works perfectly when loading from console but when playing through the survival lobby all items, weapons and gascans simply don’t spawn.

The only thing i’ve got to work is to set the weapon spawns to fixed weapons instead of random, other than that nothing spawns that way.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

I believe that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Gotta spawn them with point_template.

No you don’t… Just set them to Always Exists. Unless, I’m reading it wrong.

Tried that as well. No spawns.

I think they have to be fixed so it’s a certain weapon. That’s how all of Valve’s maps do it, anyways.

Yeah that’s pretty much what i’ve described in the first post.

I spawn them (random weapons) with point_templates in my scavenge map. Works fine.

I think you have to fully implement it as a custom Survival map for the Director to understand that it should spawn those weapons. Same goes for campaigns in my experience, ever since I added it as an addon all hordes, weapons and special infected seem to spawn the right way.

Making it an addon is exactly when the spawning broke. I’ll try using templates to see if it worked.

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