L4D2 Survivors Confused about Gravity


Ellis is stoned, Coach is laughing, Nick is pissed, and Rochelle is scared.

The posing on Nick is great.

It doesn’t really look like she’s hanging onto him.

I dont really like that contrast and strong depth of field.

where’d you get that relativity map?

I thought rochelle was giving nick a boost so he could grab a ladder thats sticking down from a hole in the roof, then ellis rushing down the stairs.

Horrible map + horrible contrast = pic destroyed

Its not supposed to be good / have effort Hairybastard.
Its supposed to be different.

that doesn’t preclude it from fulfilling the other two categories.

Then it goes in the “doesnt deserve a thread” thread, a picture doesn’t have to be crap to be posted there, that’s what the troll pose thread is for.

Apparently its “Art” so it deserves its own thread

I love this Work…Haha Nick Face

Thx kombine for apreshating mah work XD

On a more serious note, I was not going for the next Mona Lisa.

It would have been enough if you would have gone for something half-decent.

I like it. love the expression on nick’s face

Gravity?! What is this heresy?

I think i saw it in toybox.
Awesome idea, the poses could use a bit more refinement.

“Coach, if you ever do that again i will bury you alive.”