L4D2 textures figured out, but I need to get the models working.

So I found out how the new textures work, and I have the riotcop all done up and really want to test it, but everytime I load the model in hlmv it crashes. Could someone convert it to work in ep.2 engine? Please?

So this is not just a simple request, I will explain.

Open up a l4d2 common infected vtf and you will see lots of colors. Go to channels and click on red, you will see that the texture is devided into 4 smaller ones, each with it’s own blood patern, the same is for green.

Blue I am unsure about, it might be the exp layer or something like that, I have not been able to toy around with it. Also I notice a slight diffrence betewn red and green, it’s possible that red is for something else like dirt and green is for blood.

The alpha layer is your main diffuse texture. For color, go find the gradiant map for the texture (common have one, uncommon have there own, etc) and select a color off that and toy around with that until it looks right. (basically just add your own stinking color :3)

Now for this wonderful information, I need models. :confused:

Have you tried the VTX fixer on the models?

There is a link here http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=16549189&postcount=1

That batch file? Yeah I made one. The special infected work, but the uncommon are kinda messed up apparently.

FP already kinda figured this out during the first week of the pre-order demo.