[L4D2] The Final Exam - Single Map Campaign Based On My High School

This map was originally a high school senior project I did back in 2008. It was basically a replica of a portion of my high school, messily made in Hammer. After Left 4 Dead 1 was released I got the original map and gave it a horror movie aesthetic and converted it into a Left 4 Dead map, mainly for friends to play. I slowly over the years would go back to it every so often and add some more to it and have friends play it. They kept telling me to release it but I was hesitant for numerous reason. It didn’t really smoothly end, mainly staying in a state of waiting for the next map. Likewise, I never really wanted to release it because I was afraid of the backlash of releasing a pretty accurate replica of a real life school and having Left 4 Dead characters shooting human silhouettes.

Last week though, a friend of mine showed interest of replaying Left 4 Dead 2, since we haven’t played it in awhile. After a night of some pretty good fun I decided, what the hell, to rework the map and actually finish it.
So here’s the map I’ve been holding onto for a few years, there’s probably a bit of weird bugs and errors, and the instructor hints don’t work, but my friends thought it was awesome so I decided to publicly release it! You start in some office lounges, then go through the main hall area before going to the finale in the band hall!

-I’m pulling the number out of my ass but 90% of the textures in the map are custom made. I took pictures of various surfaces, signs, and materials to create a pretty accurate recreation of my high school.

-On that note, the way I kept it close to being accurately in scale, I measured the length of the mall tiles and used it as a reference in comparison to hammer grid units. Everywhere else though are close approximations.

-There are a few areas where I take creative liberties either due to me not remembering exact floor plan layouts and to make the map actually fun to play.

1 single map. Supports COOP, VERSUS, SCAVENGE, and SURVIVAL. (I haven’t fully gotten my friends around to testing this so expect issues, but it should work completely fine.)
Download on the STEAM Workshop here:

Is this school supposed to be a place of refuge that was given aid by the military?

Legitimate question, because that’s the vibe I get. Something about this just seems a little unbelievable to me, and I don’t know why.

Looks great! God I miss mapping for L4D…

I’m gonna go cook something up for it

Most schools double as refugees in times of disaster, so it’s believable that the military would bring rations. my headcanon is that the military set up shot, was quickly overrun, and the place has had a couple rounds of looters that got eaten (hence guns being left around).

So I played it and had some bugs and suggestions:

Lots of zombies spawned in there, and half stuck out of the wall, letting me shoot them from outside, I’d revise the geo inside there.

I think these need smoothingroups.

The escape needs more than just a red light to mark it, give it the special safe-room door, and a reason we have to wait so long!


Needs a fitting “escape” interior, add a table with healthpacks, etc; to make it look like a proper escape. Bug: the bots won’t get in the room, I had to kill them off to beat the map.

Didn’t some kid get in trouble for creating his school in Source Sdk?

Sort of. It was mainly an excuse to give it some visual flair and allow me to creatively block vision in the hallways with crates and barricades and such, instead of just having a long hallway where nothing could spawn because survivors had full vision.

-Thanks for testing it out! I’ll check out the geometry and the nav mesh with the inner library.

-Didn’t know you could mess with smoothing groups in hammer! I’ll check it out.

-The Escape Room is still being worked on by me, it’s pretty much a rough mockup just to get the map working. I’m about to test to see if my fix for the AI bots worked. Gave the door a saferoom door model and added an alarm sound to pinpoint the area better.

Most of this was to get a handle on how Left 4 Dead 2 mapping works so working on an original map would be much easier. Learned a bunch of things (and still learning things). It’s tedious, but fun in a strange way.