L4D2 The Witch Bride

Here it is a ported model from Left 4 Dead 2 “The Passing” DLC THE WITCH BRIDE!
Extract the folder into your Garry’s Mod addons folder and then through the game open The Witch Bride folder and i hope you enjoy your new lovely wife uhh… i mean bride.Tank you Valve for this amazingly hard to pose model :expressionless:

http://www.filefront.com/17294257/The Witch Bride.rar

That’s very disturbing whenever I look at the witch in a bridal suit. What’s next, the Boomer in tuxedo? Eww, I sense nightmare fuel here. :frowning:

Good job, by the way. :3

Don’t thank me <3. Thank Francis for catching the damn thing or her :slight_smile:

Louis: FRANCIS!!!
Francis: What?..what?

LOL epic witch u got my download xD

FFFFFFFF, I however sense a great idea!

O damn this is going to be disturb.

It didn’t work when i put it in my addons folder? :C

It’s from The Passing content, people.

Read before replying.
My bad.

Guy: I now pronounce you Hunter and Witch

Thanks for uploading this

I’m having a problem.
I popped the content into another addon (the l4d2 addon from another thread) and now it’ll spawn the model, but it’s invisible.
I feel like a tard, what’d I break?

Cuz the uploader put it in the garrysmod/models folder instead of garrysmod/models/infected the cheeky beggar

Yeah sorry guys i wanted to warn you about that just put it in addons and click on the witch bride folder in game.

naw, j/k
It’s okay i woulda done worse I think
Thanks though, I’ll see if I can fix it on mine, shouldn’t be too hard.

That’s cool. Anyone working on the Fallen Survivor? I really want those ammo belts he’s carrying seperated if there is.