L4D2 toys?

I remember that there was an addon on GarrysMod org but I can’t find it anywhere now.
That pack contains:

  • Gyrafe
  • Teddy
  • Crocodile

I would really appreciate helping me with this.

Why not just click on the left 4 dead 2 extension in gmod and restart

Like I said It was an addon just for these models… I don’t want to check L4D2 folder everytime just to find 3 of these models.

Find it and right click and add it to a spawnlist thingy

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I can try to find it and make a spawnlist

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“version” “2”
“name” “L4d2 toys”
“1” “models/props_fairgrounds/alligator.mdl”
“2” “models/props_fairgrounds/elephant.mdl”
“3” “models/props_fairgrounds/giraffe.mdl”