L4D2 with gmod

IS there a mod wich you can build like in gmod and play l4d2 ?

no. frankley, it would be far easier to bring l4d2 to gmod, by having gmod mount l4d2 and using its models. you would have to have the npc’s recoded in lua though

LeftForDead 2 in Gmod is a bad idea simply because the models like to crash the game (Garry’s mod) for no particularly good reason.

The reason being GMod isn’t mean to load L4D(2) models because they use newer format/version. Garry added in a hack to load most of newer format models.

Why can’t he support the new model/map format (L4D2, CS:GO, etc.)? I don’t know much about Source versioning, so maybe it’s an obvious answer.

Because it will break a lot of things. I can imagine it would cause issues with today’s maps.

He can support older and newer map versions at the same time, right?

No, I don’t think so, it’s not just copy&paste action, the engines ( post L4D source and pre L4D source ) are quite different, so hacks to load newer model format is all we got.

Can you tell me how I do it pls ?

How you do what?

How to hack models to work? Do you have any experience with modeling? It’s not just a simple press-one-button-to-fix.

The hack I was taking about is the code hack which you don’t have access to.

I want the L4D2 game in gmod. To be able to build cool baricades. I found some custom russian servers who do this. http://www.gametracker.com/search/left4dead2/3000/?query=surv But can it be done in gmod?

And I want one million dollars. It’s nearly impossible to emulate whole l4d in GMod, basically: forget it.

It may be possible by taking l4d2 models, exporting them, converting them into a file format gmod can use, and use them again. Have fun doing that for thousands of models though

It’s not even about the models. It’s about NPCs and weapons.

the only way to port them is to port their models, textures, and sound, and write your own lua code to run them