l4d_Paradise_Mall (Survival <for now?>)


I’m currently working on a L4D Survival map, located inside Paradise Mall, a small shopping centre that’s still under construction. Right now, it’s still fairly empty, but it will be more full. The refractive glass, and the sign are both custom, but a lot more custom materials will be made, mostly for paint splatters and such.

Things Left to Do:
-Make a part of the walkway collapse when a Tank storms through the pillar supporting it. <Taken out. It fucked up the Navigation Mesh.>
-Get more areas to seem more ‘complete’, with some paint on the wall.
-Build a worker scaffolding for the Survivors to gather on top of. (Not a prime location due to smokers pulling you off easily.) <Working on the textures.>
-Get some holes for Infected to rush through.
-Create more rooms for the shops. (with breakable walls)
-Decals, overlays and details.
-Close up the main entrance.
-Finalize the navigation mesh with BATTLEGROUND and BATTLESTATION markers.

Survival will be started by generator, which switches all the lights on. Louis, Francis, Bill and Zoey want to see if there are any other survivors in the city. Picking the Mall as a gathering spot, they want to attract attention from said survivors by turning the lights on and playing standard mall music fairly loud. (custom sound) Of course, the Infected rush in, and bla bla survival bla bla they all die. It’s not a real storyline, just a reason to turn the lights on in the first place.


Crap! Wrong pictures. Fixing!

Pictures fixed.


Update pictures:



L4D Paradise Mall 1.0 Completed.


Video, showing the workings of version 1.0.

what the hell is wrong with the glass?

It’s refracted, it’s not supposed to be clear.

I thought the mall was underwater at first because I saw the glass.
Then I looked out the door.

Have you got a screenie of behind you? I’d like to see that part too. Pretty good so far, but some different textures are needed, methinks. Although you’ve stated these things in your list to do. (Details etc.) Keep us posted! =)

Is there going to be a annoying phone that rings every 3 minutes?

No. I will add some Mall music though. :3

Oh, and there’s a hole in the roof glass, and rain is pooring down mixed with the sound of thunder, just to give the place a more creepy feeling.

It looks really really bad, more like bugged water. I’d change it.

Is this supposed to be the mall from postal 2?

Well, from up close it looks better, but maybe you’re right. I might change it to clear glass, and create a small outside environment. Right now it’s just a repeating window/brick texture with a skybox.


Also, mall from Postal 2? I don’t think I even know that game.

You looked at it.

Also, updated OP with two more pictures of the process.


You broke my automerge :saddowns:

I hate Internet Explorer for cutting of the mediatags. I can’t see the first two pictures.
But from what I can see it looks pretty cool…

You should try and make the wires coming from the generator run along the ground, or make them hang a bit lower.

That’s a very good idea. I already didn’t like the look on them. Too in the way, any forklift driving around would hit them. :saddowns:


Aah, right. Well, I guess Paradise Mall is a fairly generic name after all.

Well it is in the city of Paradise (ironic, very)

Small update. Survivor now works. It’s almost finished, emphasis on ALMOST. :3:

Video of the map, version one to be released as soon as I can.