L4D_Tetris (Very WIP)

About 10 days ago, I created a thread looking for Tetris textures. Well, I found a great texture artist, so I could actually texture my maps! There’s not much to say, so here’s some pictures:
(the pictures are all from the first map)


I chose Tetris because I felt that L4D doesn’t need to be in a forest at night or in a city at night to be fun. The L4D_Tetris campaign will consist of 3-5 maps; What do you think?

Holy repeating textures.

Yeah, but nothing else really fit the theme. Got a suggestion? Feel free to tell me.

Just make the textures not as small.

This makes my maps textures look like kids play. :frown:

I tried that, and the textures don’t fit correctly/don’t line up correctly/look like shit


Fuck, why did I not post this in the WIP thread?

Oh my god, LOL

I think it should be outdoors instead of indoors. It looks too claustrophobic at the moment.

Good looking reflections/shaders on those textures. But I have to agree with Jukka K, it’s really claustrophobic. Atleast make it more open, maybe add some skybox things.

You should add a part where blocks are falling down and you have to climb up them/ get out of the way of them.

They’re swastikas, what kind of texture artist did you find?

1 part of them is a backwards swastika.
Swastikas are actually on Buddhist temples. The meaning that you’re so ignorantly boasting is what Hitler turned it into.
Shut up.


Anyway, Yeah, I plan on expanding, don’t worry. The first map is meant to feel claustrophobic.

you just stole the sven co-op tetris series and ported them to source, you dirty thief



Actually, yes, but I only took the texture you see in the picture that is the wall/floor. Everything else is remade. It also has bumpmaps. And I am waiting for the original creators’ permission to use the texture, so that’s pending. If he says no, I’ll gladly take off the texture with no hesitation, and I can get a new texture created.


Remove that shit, I put it in media tags for a reason.

I don’t see the need to make the symbolic tiles 3X3

make them as big as the regular colored squares like in SC

Blocks as big as the rest, all perfectly interlocked and made up from different-coloured Tetris shapes.

I’ll change the size but bright walls will be eye rape.

** To the guys who want me to make the walls the same size as the blocks:**