L4D's "Dead Before Dawn" Mall ported to Garry's Mod.


[release]The Mall from L4D’s custom campaign “Dead Before Dawn” is finally available to download… for Gmod !

[ul]How to get it working ?


Then you just go to the main menu => Gmod Settings => Check “Left 4 Dead”
If for some reason, it doesn’t work for you and all, you can do the old sucky ass method, which can be found in the other L4D maps’ threads. Though I highly recommend you to use Avon’s awesome gm_mount.
-When you’re done downloading the map, extract “Mall” folder in “garrysmod/addons
-Download “Dead Before Dawn” campaign => HERE
-Extract the “models” and “materials” folder in “garrysmod/addons/Mall”[/ul]

[ul]Step 2 : Fixing known bugs

-Now my gmod crashes! : uninstall gm_mount² and use the old method to get the models.
-Transparent textures everywhere, it’s ugly :frowning: : either you didn’t extract the “Dead Before Dawn” 's models and materials, either it didn’t extract properly. Just extract it again. If it still fails, then try maxing out your graphics.
-Weird colors in dark areas : this is an odd bug that for some reason, I can’t fix. It’s certainly related to the gamma level, but garry deleted this option from the video menu. So I guess you’ll have to live with it.[/ul]



http://uppix.net/f/7/3/30320a1d9c27193922002cdd1c659t.jpg http://uppix.net/2/a/d/2c2ddfe842fe58e09237eae37d542t.jpg http://uppix.net/7/0/2/282c5cc1146c3122473069655ed18t.jpg
http://uppix.net/9/5/2/1d57a5beb50094a4a192d8fabe716t.jpg http://uppix.net/c/e/2/e3b36dd3427c4fdd77eb69123a131t.jpg http://uppix.net/2/a/f/b7d99379954dc3238ac30ab07cbf3t.jpg[/release]

aVoN’s gm_mount2 official thread

Already ported L4D maps :

Dead harvest’s finale (with aliens in the sky)

Can’t wait to use it.

And here we go, uploaded. Have fun guys!

Aww yeah, Thanks man!

Fuck Yea. Can’t wait to try these out, just got to get my account back :tinfoil:

Having trouble, when I installed it, then put the models and materials from DBD in the Mall folder, g-mod kept crashing.

And I do have gm_mount installed.

The models and materials from the ModDB site? Did you use the VTX fixer thing on them?

Yeah but it did jack shit.

The most funny thing is that you don’t need to use the vtx fixer thing on it. I’ve seen in gm_mount’s thread that people are crashing cause of it. It didn’t happen to me, but you can still uninstall it and try the good old method.

In other words : try without gm_mount.

Tried without GM_Mount

It actually worked!




at least it didn’t crash :downs:

Probably because some of the materials/models are still messed up, I did look in the models folder and they look fixed, there must be something that I missed.

Just for your information, he fixed it. If you got the same problem, then just extract the models and materials from Dead before Dawn to your garrysmod folder.

Actually I didn’t, it WAS normal momentarily but then I stepped away and when I came back it was like that again.

That happens when you can’t render evrything in the map.
I had that same issue when I had my old graphics card.

Try turning your settings down, and see if that helps.

I fiddled around with my settings and the map actually started to display the textures right when I turned my settings higher… odd.

It looks ok, but can’t be arsed to use gm_mount.

I guess L4D textures/models are not supporting low settings.

Actually, I got it.

this is awesome, thank you bro

What’s the difference between Mount2 Regular and Mount2 Lite anyways?

Have a bad reading.