L4D's Nick VS Silent Hill Homecoming


Nick- “Tits!”
This took a crazy amount of work, enjoy looking at it.

The fuck did you do to Nick’s normal map.

He looks like a statue. Texture wise.

Anywho, the posings alright. Nothing fancy. Kinda dark, but maybe if he had just a little bit of a flashlight beam on her then it’d have the more Silent Hill vibe to it.

They say she has a stare which turns men to stone!


Get in there nick.

I bumped it.


Good idea, I will have a flashlight next time. I’m going to be working on more of these in the future.

jpg please

PNG is higher quaility.

Posing is alright, but I agree that a flashlight would make it better.

Posing on Nick or the Nurse?

Never makes bumpmaps like that again. :saddowns:

Very eerie, I like it.

Not really. A max quality jpeg looks exactly the same as a png and is like half the size.

What Simkas said.

Tits! :haw:



That might be, i never really looked. I would use tiff if I could.


I didnt realize it would end up like that until the image was already processed. When I first added the bump map it looked okay. I gueess i went overboard.


You should be getting into this silent hill homcoming stuff.

PNG sucks for photos and photo-like images due to massive size and not a noticeable difference between jpeg, it wins in simple images with sharp lines though

FINE! i’ll use Jpg next!


And ill see what i can do about that flash light. its going to be hard to replicate the flightlight lens projection though.

Here we go, angle two.