L7D's XP System - Beautiful XP, Level System.


L7D’s XP System

Hi, This is my XP system, It’s simple and free!

DOWNLOAD : https://github.com/CyanideTeam/L7D_XP_System

**1. Simple Level add.

  1. Simple Blacklist add.

  2. Simple Reward add.

  3. Simple Config system.

  4. Compatible pointshop.

  5. Advanced Log System.

  6. System init system.

  7. Player Manage system.

  8. Beautiful design.

I like metro design. :slight_smile:

Nice work, Looks really nice :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks very stylish and simple! Nice work :smiley:

Thanks :).

simple XD!

Well it’s nice that you are releasing something for free, but that’s not metro - that’s blinding my eyes with white.
You may want to add the option to dominate your own “cloud” server, as currently all their data is being stored with you, since you have the functionality already you simply need to give people the mysql tables.

dam gmod dev game weak as fuk in all regards
not just this thread
but you’re definitely a part of it

Looks decent enough, simple and nice to look at. It can do with some improvements but I can’t really think of them off the top of my head. I think it’s just the administrator panel that’s putting me off.

Also any word on integration with things because it’ll suck if the only way to get XP is to kill things and I’m sure you could make a lot of money if you integrated it with an RP framework and put it on coderhire, or just major kudos for releasing it for free but since this one is labelled free I think you have other plans.

I have to disagree with that. I think he’s tried to make it like metro seo in that regard I agree but the white isn’t a problem if you’re playing in a well lit environment. So I guess to combat this there should be a config or something although it is easily edited anyways.

Please form a legitimate sentence.

Alright, thanks your advice :slight_smile:

Dont know why everyone is against your white colour scheme, I think it’s very comfortable.


Guess koreans just have similar taste

Because i very very like white & black design :slight_smile:

-snip dumb-

I don’t really like the colors other than white and black that you chose though.

Funny haha :>

You should look at changing the color scheme, honestly. The white, metro may appeal to you, but have an alternative to those who like it.

How does it work at the moment? How do you gain exp?

Hook :slight_smile:

I made a black version honestly if you want it. It took me like 5 minutes…