L7D's XP System - Beautiful XP, Level System.

is it just a function that we can call from where we want?

It’s not very hard to look at some code, use the find function and change a value to something between 0 and 255. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

Yea I know just saying people can be pretty dumb. XD.

There should be a way to customize the menu’s color to your liking, whether it be in the code, or on a menu within the addon.

Insert a code any gamemode hook.

hook.Call ( "Custom hook name" )

and insert code here


if ( SERVER ) then
     XPSys.core.XPHookAdd( "Custom hook name", "Title", "Yeah custom", "Reward", function(  )
      //    Your custom function here
     end )

Here you are :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

if use old version? please update your L7D’s XP System.
You can view change log here :•https://github.com/SolarTeam/L7D_XP_System/commits/master

You can download latest LShop here : https://github.com/SolarTeam/L7D_XP_System
( click ‘Download ZIP’ button )

You can bug report here :•https://github.com/SolarTeam/L7D_XP_System/issues
Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this compatible with murder gamemode?

Maybe compatible all gamemodes.

Works with nutscript.

Also, you should look into making it so when you kill a specific npc like a citizen you gain xp and when you kill a combine you get even more, etc. Along with when you kill a player.

Cool :>,i love nutscript,

Also, i will make lot a more xp hooks.

Thank you for use my addon! :slight_smile:

XP Hooks for killing players and NPC’s yielding separate values would definitely be good for the more RPG emphasised servers which gives me a great idea.

I go to the home and make lot a more xp hooks.


I updated lot a XP Hooks!

Thank you for using my addon!

Can you provide a changelog or list of the new hooks you added?

Thank but its possible, to add a system TTT with a HUD ?


Player Kill
RPG Kill

You can view change log here : https://github.com/SolarTeam/L7D_XP_System/commits/master

Use this function on your HUD code…

Player:GetLevel( )
Return : Player curret level.


Player:GetXP ( )
Return : Player curret XP

Thanks. :slight_smile:

cool script - but I could never use it because of the vgui, I literally can’t read the text and it has no sense of organization to it, i’d legit assume that this was broken if I didn’t know better.

Thank but you just said the hud, and i never do a hud, and you dont say for the system TTT.

Sorry to be rude but you’re going to need to get a translator because that is what you asked and he did answer. What exactly are you trying to ask for?