L85a2 (sa-80)

This is my first proper SWEP.

I am a pretty big fan of the british army and I saw that there were no SA-80 SWEPs out there so I made my own.

Primary: Fire
Seconday: Ironsights
Use + Secondary: Change firemodes (semi and auto)

Credits are in the link.

Please, feel free to comment on it :slight_smile:

There’s an SA-80 in the BHM tactical SWEP pack.

Overall not bad for a first SWEP, crotch guns are a common problem.

How dare you call it a L85 or whatever. Its a SA-80 not some name that the US amry calls it. But yeah, Good model, I am also a fan of my own army :3

Lol, it was for the benefit of the americans on FP :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the model for this weapon, so a special thanks to the creators of it.

Need some screenshots please.

Suddenly TetaBonita’s SWEP base got a lot of attention.

I used that SWEP base because it had a lot of the functions I needed for my weapon

Images uploaded :slight_smile:

L85 is what the British Army calls it. SA-80 is what everyone else does.
Like how the British Army calls the MP5 the L90

Hey, I’ve used the Cadet rifle, a bolt action version, with live and blank ammo. Hell to cock, but it’s supossed to be safer than the auto, but the auto blank danger range is like 20m, meanwhile the increases power of bolt action means the cadet id potentially deadly with blanks at 50m.
Mind if I borrow the model sometime?

Yeah, I used to be in the army cadets. The Cadet version is called a Cadet GP.
The model isn’t mine but here is the link: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/46966