"La beauté et son oreiller" - "The beauty and her pillow"

Howdy Folks :clint:
Sorry for the french in the thread title, i couldn’t resist it.
I sure as s#!t hope, I at least wrote it right. :ohdear:

Anyway, I’ve got a new picture.


Actually, it was supposed to be part of a project of mine.
I wanted to create a whole G-Mod calendar with pictures in Pin-Up Style.
Not too much revealing but still something to pleasure the eye, you know what I mean ? :wink:
(That’s also the reason, why I wrote the title in french, the language of passion.)

(Un-)fortunately, I’m about to move to the Czech Republic for an educational program
for a couple of months and therefore I need to scratch the idea for the calendar for mow.
Maybe I’ll have an oppertunity to resume it later on but for now, I can only show you a
prototype version of this shot.


Well, that’s it for now.
What do you people think of this piece of crap.
Post your comments, ratings and of course your critisism.

Thank You :love:

Kinda nice.

She looks like he’s floating on the bed a bit

The pillow ruins it. Err just kidding.

I would like it more if she was fully nude and having some hardcore sex with another woman.

but that’s just me I guess

Cinematic? Language of l’amour? I like it.

Linda Hamilton? Where did you come from?

What do you mean ?!

I guess it was a compliment from you but I’d rather wanna’ know, what bothers you more.
That would help to get from “kinda nice” to “really nice”. :biggrin:

Beatiful edit.
Horrible Isolation. (Legs and the whole model looks edgy) :crying:
Still nice.

x1 agree.

Didnt you had a NSFW version of this one REH? I remember seeing it on the Sex Pose megathread, or at least one very similar to this one.

You wrote it right.

I think watermark ruins it

Well, yes, of course.
It was this one. (Look, I’m not gonna’ put that picture directly in here.)

I liked the lightings, the colors, the whole ambiente and when I got the idea for the calendar, I thought that this would fit in perfectly.

Puh, now there is a relief. :sweatdrop:
I thought for sure, I messed up because I used one of those cheap translation programs.

I’ve got myself a Flat-Screen with a more brighter and sharper picture.

Now, I finaly see, what you meant with the isolation.
I didn’t recognize it with my old monitor. :sweatdrop:




Don’t laugh, she can still kick your ass.

What the … ?!

It’s a good thing, I looked “Linda Hamilton” at Google up before I’ve seen this picture.
Otherwhise, I would have doubt myself about recognizing resemblences.

Oh and Vman, I think you’re right.
The Nadia model has a resemblence with her from a certain angle.
At least with her apperiance in the late '80s or early '90s.