La noire models?

Well saying that the game is out on pc and you can get models from any rockstar published game, Can someone give it a shot?

The hard part isn’t getting the models, it’s animating them to the valve skeleton. I know cause I’ve asked around, because I wanted just about the same thing.

For ragdolls, yes. But other content like the cars, trains and streetside props would probably come first.

The Marine & Japanese Models would be nice.

A lot of things would be nice out of L.A. Noire actually. I could go on and talk about it, but I’d be listing everything… not much else to say. Still, I’d love to see the old noire type detective comics made out of the models and props. Detectives are cool.

this isn’t a bad idea! I 2nd the Japanese models because (Most) models have been ported from WaW but not the Japanese (suprisingly!)

Detective suits would be kick-ass!!!

If you can do the ragdolls that would be neat, im not to bothered about the props and such but it would be very useful for people.