LA Noire: Patrol Cops

could someone possibly like port the patrol cop uniform from LA noire, if you get it all rigged up and compiled and stuff (possibly to the valve skeleton) I could headhack the HL2 civilians heads onto it


All my support.



Hey guess what, posting “support” does jack fucking shit, maybe instead you could actually do something to “support” it. Someone posted a few models exported from LA Noire a while ago, Cole in the police uniform was one of them, sadly I only downloaded one of those and it wasn’t that one. If anyone can find the thread were that stuff was posted, that would be good. The way the textures are on the character models are kinda weird, at least on the one I have, I couldn’t figure it out, it had a detail texture and a normal map, but the UVW didn’t really match the normal so I have no idea.

Yeah, just one problem… admins restricted the Search function again (at least to standard members like me).

Found it:

On a partially related note, how would I get the vehicle models into hammer? Compile them in 3DSMax, or something? They’re DDS files.