LA Noire Ports

For an upcoming project, I request the following be ported from LA Noire :

Buick Business Coupe (1936)
Buick Coupe (1941)
Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR (1947)
Chevrolet Styleline (1949 - To be listed as 1947)
Chrysler Town and Country (1946)
Cord Hardtop (1936)
Ford Convertable (1936)
Ford Custom (1940)
Ford V8 Sedan (1940)
Nash Super 600 (1948)
Studebaker Commander (1947)
Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan (1947)
Cadillac Series 75 Limousine (1942)
Hudson Super Six (1947)
Frazer Manhattan (1947)
Plymouth Sedan (1939)
International KB8 (1947)
Chevrolet Pickup (1947)
American LaFrance Type 500 Fire Engine (1941)
Buick Ambulance (1947 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon conversion)
Ford Ambulance (1948)
DeSoto Custom Suburban Taxi (1946)
Buick Super (1947)
Ford Police Special (1946/7 w/ markings)
International Police Wagon (1940)

All outfits of Cole Phelps headhacked with citizen heads.
Some civilian models headhacked with citizen heads.

Police box (if a separate model)

Uhm, I will agree this is a lot, so payment is being offered, really just depends on how much you want and how much I can give. So if you can port from LA Noire and are interested, post with a requested payment, and I’ll reply saying if I can afford that or not.

Marines and Japs… nuff said.

Honestly, the cars all looked the same to me… though I’m not very big on cars. The entire cast and the random citizen might be cool though. Theres that one guy who’s name always escapes me. He played quite a few characters in that game and was the occasional citizen. Y’know? He was drunk outside of that one pub and thought he recognized Phelps?

That and Greg Grunberg is awesome, Brian Krause too but I havent seen him in much since Charmed. Not forgetting John Noble either… man I love that guy.

You do realise this is no Easy job? This could take a very long time to do It would be easy to port the models and stuff but It would take countless hours of work to get them Rigged and such.

But i think someone Who has alot of time on their hands could get this done…

Yes, I’m perfectly aware that it’s nothing easy to accomplish. I hardly expected any response at all to this. The post was more optimistic than realistic.

Ah, if only we had a porter version of an hardcore MMO player. Seriously, some dude got level 50 in The Old Republic in the first week of early access. I dont even think he slept.

What does this have to do with LA: Noire models?

He means about some1 that can spent so many time on the rigging, comparing it to the Old Republic player.

Ahhh, okay.

fuck enough marines.
Things that we dont have would be much better. Namely Japs, civilians and some cars.

But they have untucked pants…