Labeler 2.0

This is a tool for creating text labels on thee world or props. You can specify the font, color and size. You can also edit labels you have previously created

This a is a remake of my old labeler tool with all the bugs fixed, this is still a work in progress and I will be adding new feature in later versions.


-There is currently no prop protection support with this so people will be able to create labels on your stuff as well as changing your labels.

-Duplicating props with labels does not work either (the props lose the labels)


SVN Verion

Nice, good work. :dance:

[lua]duplicator.RegisterEntity[/lua] or something along those lines would allow duplication.

Nice idea.

I’ve done that, but the duplicator does not check to see if there is any children on it that it should duplicate.

Good work.
Why hasn’t someone done this before :smiley:
Good for you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Laber 2.0? :raise:

I made a crappy labeler last year, it broke in one of the updates

It says “Laber” not “Labler”.

Awesome! :4chan:

Are you able to put labels on other players still?

LOL! I’m not sure that’s a bug or a feature


I cants spell, get over it

Here’s a bug: It doesn’t send the clientside files.
You forgot to add “labeler/”, the folder where your clientside files are, in AddCSLuaFile.


stools/labeler.lua:27: attempt to index global ‘Labeler’ (a nil value)


Did you even test this? The whole thing doesn’t even work!

And especially not “Labeler”.

Wouldn’t it suck for debugging if you kept doing stuff like huk.Add( “Think”, “thinkfuntion”, thinkfuntion );

Phonetic programming :smiley:

I like it, even though a mingebag joined my server and wrote Thinks like “lol” all over my walls so it crashed, i like it…

Actually it has been done before, but it was broken a long time ago.

Yes, the reason was croxmeister hasn’t used local vars in his functions so he has overwritten the player table. This seems to be a common problem in many scripts.

Nice thing, croxmeister. You can look at the modified labeler I did based on your “1.0” so you can add duplicator support.

:lol: Can you make it so you can put labels on players too in some hacky way? So if it’s player it sets a floating text above it…
Puts a tag on little brother saying Shoot me!

Can you add some more styles for text.
Like Background colour or custom fonts.

Also, can you make it work better on diffrent shaped objects?
So it goes round with a barrel or something.

I didn’t test it online, only in single player


I didn’t really want to use welds but if it is the only way …


I plan to add, more styles but I dont think it will be possible to make it wrap around barrels like you suggest