Laboratory Map Recommendations

Hello all. I am looking for a relatively large laboratory map. It doesnt need npc nodes, although that would help. And it needs took look good and run well. if you could send me links to any that would be greatly appreciated, as i have already scoured much of gamebananna and for some and havent found very good ones yet. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

This should probably go in the requests sub-section.

In regards to the lab map, I ran into a black mesa ttt map at one point though I don’t know if it was noded or not.

Here’s a Team Fortress 2 one and it should be noded because, well, it’s TF2.

He doesn’t need them to have nodes.

Wait, why would a TF2 map need nodes?

Bots of course! And oops I misread, thought he said it “does” need nodes. In any case yeah.

Thanks bro i think that will actually work perfectly.

Whoops, its seems that TF2 bots uses a navigation mesh and doesnt require nodes entities.