Lack of Charcoal

The old furnace system was a real pain. many furnaces all burning , but after the gunpowder update where gunpowder needed 3 carcoal per gunpowder instead of 2 charcoal became precious.
and every charcole got used. now we have a large furnace making alot of ore but still producing the same amount of charcoal. Making everyone to either store useless sulphur or go back to the old furnaces.
so pls make large furnaces make more charcoal.

Or give Sulfur another use

I have small furnaces just burning wood to give charcoal to make up for the lack of it coming out of the large ones.

yeah then you migh aswell put some ore in there …

Or just fill it with wood… not that hard. Everything should have an advantage and disadvantage to balance.

I think, yes, yes I did, I did say that =/

You could just use a large furnace filled with wood, easy charcoal generator.