Lack of Creativity in videos using Gmod

I dont seem to understand peoples’ problems with trying a different genre in making videos in Gmod. Sure, the videos Bo Shitt and Kitty0706 have man some very good videos using Havock engine(Which is the HL2 Engine as well). But some of the things that are missing are the other genres that you dont see that often. Like some really good Scifi Gmod videos. Dont see alot of em cause few people think of doing that sort of stuff. I put a request for some more AFF ship models and someone starts blabbering about how “EVE Online models are ok”. No, they are not. Just about everyone in the Steam community knows about EVE one way or another. Using EVE online may be good for some people, but using the models makes something like a video bland since the models look like someone desided to pour 100gls. of mudd all over em and gave you em to play with. They have no real light effects when “Bloom” is turned on. AFF model feature this. And also the fact I created a story based on using these models. The Scifi genre hasnt been really touched cause of Syfi with Star Trek and Stargate Univurse. Also the fact that the ships with hangers actually are lite and not dark like the EVE models are. For EVE online its ok since its programed to emitt the light, the Gmod version doesnt. someone trying different things and someone else is putting em down, that is just stupid beyond anything. Videos in Gmod is to expand possiblities and use or create new pieces for it to use and have fun with. Not a one way street.

The Havoc engine isn’t the HL2 engine. The HL2 engine is the source engine.

God, doesnt anyone look at the information below during that bik playing with a red valve on someone’s head? Havock owns that. jeez, read the information. Plus,Im not talking about the engine. Read post, not going offtopic here.

However, the Source engine was created from the Havok engine.

Havok is a physics engine that was added to source.

Offtopic here, back on the topic.

I agree. I’d love to see a spacey Sci-Fi. DasBoSchitt’s videos bring a smile to my face no matter what I’m going through, but all the more FAILURE comedy videos are suckish.

There are still funny videos out there, you just have to look. Take for example:

That is the zenith of humor right there.

Models from Star Wars were encrypted, dont know why. Probly cause the guy thought otherwise and desided to be retarded about it. People make the playermodels and ground vehicles of sicence fiction, but scifi is targeted around flight above all(No pun intended.)

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Do you mean he’s that stupid? :smiley:

Too much people focus on Humor because it’s more easier to produce then drama or something else.

“Hurr this ragdoll has a silly facial expression and flails around. This is funny and has never been done before:buddy:”

Everybody is just being lazy about going to something more complex. I agree with the post about the humor,its way to easy to do that and now its starting on posting uploads of BGs that people think are funny.

My profile on I posted it here since everyone was complaining about them being on The sotr that goes with it is still abit out of focus with what I originally intended. I had to make a effort with those, Im not a humorious kinda guy when it comes to BGs. Serious and a sence of Action in it would be better. Humor, it should be left to DasBoShitt, kitty0706, and Djy1991 for that department. They do a way better job. Idiot Box 9 is out btw. And mr_fj, this is the right place since it is a suggestion when you “Really” think about it.

If you tell people to stop making comedy videos how can new people who would make great comedy videos ever surface?

Also, you obviously put in the thing about the havok engine to try and sound smart, even though it is incorrect. There is no reason whatsoever you would not say source engine since that is what everybody calls it because calling it source engine is correct.

I think there are quiet a lot of funny videos all the time out there. I don’t know, if my videos are funny, but i can try.I just uploaded video “Superheroes/villains get theyr asses kicked and some other stuff…” You can search by this headline and you find it.Comment if you can.


To lemmiwinkz: Sorry, but you cant simply call Havok “Source Engine” since theres alot of others that are called “Source” Engines. Therefore, you will have to specify what engine your talking about cause with dev teams and sites(EX: ) have to know what engine is in use, Like the UT engine or 2142’s Engine. Also, you dont read well since I said basicly, “It would be nice to see one serious Scifi Gmod Video.” Not be a nazi about it. Read, understand from more than your own “One-Way” perspective, then post.

there is only one SOURCE ENGINE.

and serious gmod machinima sucks to me because I can never take it seriously.

Wrong, there is no “One and Only”, Source code is not in one form, therefore there is more than one. Your Logic is flawed

I think the reason the majority of Gmod videos are comedy because Gmod is really the funniest game I have ever seen with all the modeling and posing. If you guys want a SciFi video so bad I have FRAPS, 3 editing systems, and a mic, I just need people to help me because I’m not good at making them do certain things or what the story should even be for that matter. Since the majority of Gmod machinima audience love the stupid stuff maybe we should add more comedy to it because how often do you think Gmod as a serious game?