Lack of customization, ends in teamkilling.

I bet every single one Rust player that have played for over a week has experienced difficulties due to lack of customization in-game. I often do raids with my friends, where we go out with full kevlar and weapons. But the problem is once we start fighting other players, we cannot see the difference between us since every player looks the same. This has led to players killing their friends just because they cannot see the difference between them and foes. I’ve often been shot on by my friends because they thought I was someone else.

It is not easy to tell the difference between players once in firefights, fast phased action often leads to confusion and “TeamKilling”. In my opinion, the most entertaining part of the game is when you are big enough to start PvP and defendig yourself from attackers. So this problem has always been there for me where I can’t tell the difference. The solution to this would simply be by adding simple customization features. For example, all of my friends has the same skin color and weapon camoflage, then we could recognize eachother mush more easily. I know this is a lot to ask, but I do believe that this will solve these problems and make the game experience better overall. Thanks.

just wait and it may be implemented into the game, people like you dont understand that it is still an alpha and that the game has very little features in. like i said just wait and ideas and things may be put into the game as the game goes into beta then full realse

It is you that do not understand that the alpha state is exactly why I post this thread: It is simply a request that hopefully will be taken into consideration. If this request comes through, it will give so many people that is having difficulties with this too.

So how would you think character customisation should look like?
I mean when you are full kevlar there aren’t many things to customise because nearly you whole body is covered in black clothing

I think the cloth, rad, leather and kevlar clothing should look a specific way(kinda how it already is now) while being able to change the color of them. This way your group can have a specific color pattern to tell who your friends are in battle but still being able to tell if the person is wearing full kevlar. The jump check gets old and you can’t really do that in the middle of a raid.

or name tags visible farther than 2ft away

Nametags further for group, color armbands, customizable emblems to add to shirts/arm. I can go on and on but there is simple ways.

Character customization would be sweet. Maybe certain armors could be given a color option when crafting the pieces? The idea for nametags being seen further isn’t such a good idea imo, after playing on a server for a while you can get enemies easily, and this would allow them to confirm you’re not just a wanderer too easily. Really depends on the distance though, an extra meter or two might not be bad but anything more might be pushing it.

oh well… 20 of us yet no friendly fire while farming/war . You need to spend more time on rust :v: