Lack of Female Models?

Not speaking about the infamous nudes or anything, but rather noting; there’s a major lack of female models. Hell, i’ve noticed more out-of-Source model imports than alterations for the citizen heads female-wise, and the selections aren’t all that impressive unless you’re looking to make porn.

What’s with all the neglection, and does anyone know of any (non-pron, gottdammit) good female models?

I understand what you mean, and I’ve come up with some possible reasons.

  1. Most models are redos of Source characters. And most of them are males: TF2, CS:S, DoD:S
  2. Most games that have girls either have bad/ugly girls or it is not possible to import them.
  3. Model Requesters either want a cool guy or a naked girl.
  4. Too many Sexists!
  5. Custom made female models don’t always turn out right.

Do you mean: goddamnit?

There are often clothed versions of nude models. I don’t know a nude that doesn’t have a clothed counterpart. If you want something in particular, ask me, I might know where it is.

A very annoying thing is trying to find a rather alternative form of alyx or another character… But finding something completely opposite or off…

Like looking for “HD alyx”
And I end up finding some FaceFactory Bullshit that’s full of fail and disgrace. (Alyx reskins)

It annoys me.

There are actually good model packs out there that have a huge (I mean HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE) Array of different female characters that aren’t nude. Lemmie find them for you

(Look up InvisiGhost)

Try again, Invisighost’s stolen models pack is no longer uploaded (unless someone has reuploaded it for some reason) heres what you want: