Lack of goals? Why not "Plug" some in?

I see how there are a lot of people that are complaining about rust currently lacking in goals. However I see that the modding community currently has the best time to provide some makeshift goals. Currently the goal of rust is to have the biggest defendable base and being able to crush and competition. But I am currently trying to work on providing the community with a nice little short term goal that could eventually be expanded upon.

My idea is to create a plug-in that allows for alliances to build and create hq that they can then have no building protection zones around them which can then be upgraded through alliance population and upgrade purchases. There would also be “Territories” for alliances to compete over that give economic benefits to those that control them. The end game would be to either be the first alliance to control all territories for 3 days or to be the alliance with most territories, money, and people by a certain date. if you would like to read into more about my plug-in that is currently being developed you can find it here on the magma community forums:

It is?

Also, why do you need a mod for this? Can’t you just make a team and go take over other parts of the map? Isn’t that what you’re planning to do anyways?

The economic bonus is resources or even a rad town.

While it is true you can do this without the mod, the mod provides an means to create your alliance, found an hq, and secure territories that provide monetary bonuses. This can also provide means for people to live outside of the regular rust map as they can go out and capture territories in the wasteland and use the monetary bonuses to survive and create bases.

How does one use money to survive in a wasteland?

Can I offer the trees my money in exchange for ores? lol

Sorry, frankly I just don’t like the idea, although I don’t like any mods for that matter so I suppose I’m biased.
Others will disagree with me, I’m sure. :zoid:

Agreed, as it seems you prefer a vanilla rust. Others like a modded rust that can provide a little extra even if you can just rp some of the stuff out (which can be very difficult on some vanilla servers)