Lack of Jobs

there are so many great jobs in the world but why do i not see them in gmod rps??!?!? here is 6 that i wrote down without even thinking hard “racecar driver, astronaut, office manager, professional golfer, caretaker.” how is there jobs like a hobo(which isnt even a job its a life style) but not any of those!?!?!?! if you can think of anymore jobs gmod is missing or you think u can help please write!?

I agree!!!

Well, the scope of some of those can’t be adapted for proper use in Garry’s mod in my opinion.
Although I agree with the Hobo part, that is stupid.

It’s the total opposite. There are too many jobs on servers nowadays. What ever happened to quality over quantity?

Why do you even need a preset job? If you want to be something, just be it.


Definition: Too play a role.

Or in otherwords. You make your own career. Not the script.

Joe I saw you in a TTT server

There are TOO MANY stupid custom jobs in DarkRPs and crap. If I had it my way, I’d have it like HL2DM RP; normal guys, and a couple of cops.

Don’t let the script tell you what to be, go be an Astro-racer with a business degree, part-timing as a baker, trying to get his bachelors in law, but too lazy to do anything but watch anime all day!

Live the dream!

Seems like you haven’t tryid PE 2.5 by hunts.


I once joined a server where the only jobs were a furry and a pedo bear. Original jobs… I guess…

Personally, I follow “If it can be done with a custom job name as a citizen, then I’m not making it.”

I can imagine some amazing RP going on there.

I see where your going. Just be a citizen and use /job to name your job.

Precisely, a few props and a willing player or so and you can create some perfectly good RP from nothing.

Alas, in Dark Rp people wanna do combat missions, run around killing and shit like that. IF there was one job everyone would have to be able to buy guns. God. I can just imagine…
The most unique job I’ve ever seen was probably Wine Taster.

Yeah. :smith:

On a server with a lot of bars/restaurants, that would probably be pretty fun.

One sided freak shows. You gave someone a little bit more power over the other, and they ended up owning the whole map.