Lack of originality on

Is it just me who things that there is a very poor ratio of creative/useful content on as opposed to stuff made by amateurs or people who just have no idea?

Most of the developer community no longer actively creates things for end-users anymore, you’re actually about 4 years too late. We have mainly moved on to bigger projects, and just stick around Facepunch because it’s where we gained basic programming skills.

Some of the community is still around working on things, but they aren’t of the highest caliber.

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We sit around here on our high horses, now.

Well, I suppose that would explain a lot.
That certainly is a shame for people just getting in to this game.

We still have plenty of the old goodies available to download, so I’m thankful for that at least.


I guess another way of explaining it would be that it’s easy to make something boring like a mega-damage admin SWEP. So people make that. But it’s not easy to make the big cool things that people spent time and effort on.

Well, because of this, I’ve been thinking about starting back up my old projects which include

useful m-class map, likely RP
F-302 V2
Ghost’s Advanced weapons
Shepard’s speedway car pack

and may release some of the gamemode scripts I’ve made such as my anti-theft script (currently exclusive to sniperboys’ gamemodes)

That sounds just swell!