Lack of players on Facepunch servers.

These past few weeks there has been a significant decrease in the amount of players playing on Facepunch servers with the majority down to 20-30 players which makes the rust experience boring because there is no competition. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

With Facepunch making Texas I, II, III and IV the numbers are spread around making the numbers on each server less to a ridiculous degree. There should be either 1 Texas server or 2, not 4 in my opinion. Things need to be changed with Facepunch, back to how it was with at least 70 people on a server majority of times them days were fun. Playing with 20-30 as i have said, is very boring and has essentially killed most servers. Or is there another reason why there is a lack of numbers, Performance? Bad updates? Lazy Staff? The question is here to be answered.

Leave facts, opinions whatever, down below.

Thanks, Wiz

Possible reason is school starting again. Also people might be getting sick of hackers.

The recent crackdown on people who were benefiting from cheaters could be a factor as well.

What’s this? People are FINALLY learning to avoid the hacker cesspits? Maybe the constant forum PSA’s are working.

I agree, but something has to be done about this.

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Are you guys not fed up of playing in games with 20-30 people in though too? Where do you guys play?

I’m the wrong one to ask, my playtime is so limited that I look for low pop servers since I know I won’t have the time to build up.

Official servers are full of hackers. I spent my first week or so in rust playing official. Saw constant fly/speed hackers, obvious aimbotters, rampant ESP, etc… Once the “regulars” on the server started getting banned as well for scripts, I said screw it.

The devs do the best they can but they’ll never be able to constantly monitor these servers like admins on community servers do. Go find a community server that fits what you want. I play on Rustopia now, which is a great server, but also is a very hardcore KOS environment with large groups, so find a server that fits ur style.

It doesn’t help that the official servers go down a lot more than community ones too. A lot of people have stopped playing on my server because of how often it goes down and I’m considering moving to a community server myself. The only thing stopping me is having to get all the BP’s again.

Blueprints aren’t a big problem if there is people around that offer blueprints for resources.

There’s usually 80-120 people on Facepunch texas when I’m playing, so that’s enough people to keep me busy :slight_smile:

Doesnt Rustopia BP wipe every month?

Every 2 months


i have see a lot of ppl leave the official SG servers due to hax and rock dwellers.

Half the players left because of hackers… the other half (hackers) got banned by the recent EAC wave. The guys that are still there are using cheats that didn’t get detected and/or are too noob to realize official servers are the hacker paradise.

Fuck even the innocent get banned on official servers. 1 night I try 2 report that a hacker had robbed my base, next morning I’m EAC disconnected that’s on rustafied main the only server I play on gutted!

eac unconected is not ban.ithappened to me and to many others,its devs foult in recent patch,but they dont take eny effort in fixing it altogh its reported many times.

Some new script is killing the official servers. Needs admins or some shit

EAC disconnected is not a ban.


  • Hackers
  • Devs barely admin any of the servers
  • Crashes
  • Extended down times
  • Too many people
  • Laggy

And that’s just a few things…

Let’s please make sure the Official Servers have a more consistent uptime. If the hackers and other dregs of the Rust community are forced to abandon the slums, they’ll try to move out to the suburbs and infect the private servers.

For honest new players who have grown tired of warming your hands by the raging dumpster fire, seek a new home and community with active admins. Live the American dream.