(Lack Of) Survival Element of Rust

In rust, you hit wood and a few rocks, make a small base and butcher some pigs to get chicken breast,
and thats it, you have overcome the survival element of the game (apart from bandits)

My point is, it should be harder to survive, and a greater reward for doing so. Make red animals at night multiply and chase you, or other NPC enemies and other
things to worry about. it gets a bit boring after you have 1,000+ cooked chicken breast and a small-ish base and repedativley killing bandits over and over. some
variety would be great. (And yes i understand the game is in alpha, this is a suggestion rather)

Any ideas below would be good too.

One does not simply over come bandits.

Your suggestions would make the game any harder in the sense of survival, it would be just more PvE.

To make it harder to survive you would need to add more processes to making the food and metal.To smelt the ore you would first have to manually grind it to get the metal out from the stone that surrounds the ore. You would have to skin then cut the animal and clean the food to cook it.

Stuff like this would make the game more about survival


We’ve got Sherlock Holmes over here guys! Dude without suggestions from the community the “alpha” games don’t go any where

thousands of people are suggesting finishing touches when the game is still rocking on a wobbly foundation. write your suggestions down, and wait until we’re even relatively close to that phase.

you’re taking up good space and resources.

The question isn’t ‘where are the survival elements,’ but more of ‘what are we meant to survive against?’ Right now it seems that we are merely surviving against other players, I’m ok with that if this is truly where the game is going.

But if we are meant to survive against the environment, we shouldn’t be able to ignite fires without a fire kit of some sort. We shouldn’t be able to make shelters, bows, stone axes, etc without first making rope. Clothes should be harder to make, animals should be 1000x’s more flighty and 100x’s more scarce. Ore and sulfur should be way harder to find, yet rocks should be everywhere…the list can go on, but ultimately the line between hyper-realism and gaming integrity needs to be drawn somewhere.