Lack of VBsp file for gmod.

As, the title suggests, my gmod came without a VBsp file, I tried using the Half life 2 VBsp file, and it sorta works, but the node graph is always outdated and I cant use static props. Is there any way I can get the VBsp file for gmod. I already tried validating my chache. Thanks in advanced!

It’s cache, not chache.

And there’s no vbsp.exe that’s going to be directly compatible with vvis.exe and vrad.exe in the garrysmod/bin folder since Gmod uses a fork of the Source Engine.

Your best solution would be to use the compile tools from another Orangebox engine game like Counter-Strike Source, Episode 1/2 or Team Fortress 2.

You can also take older version of the tools from Source SDK (2007) or compile the proper new versions of VBSP, VRAD and VVIS yourself from Source SDK 2013