Lack of Zombies and Animals

My server has a lack of Zombies and Animals. I went to Big Rad Town and there were just 1 group of zombies (about 5) all clustered together. After that no Zombies for miles! It’s the same with Animals, they’re very far and few between.

Every other server I have been on seems to have plenty of Zombies and Animals everywhere. I’m using Oxide if that makes a difference.

Any help would be really appreciated, thank you.

That is supposed to happen. In the game there are only certain spots where zombies and animals spawn. Zombies will be removed soon so its not really a big deal. Animals on the other hand really only spawn in like valleys and deserts. There is probably something else I need to tell you but I can’t quite remember.

That’s the thing even areas where they’re supposed to spawn are completely barren in some cases. Am I missing something here? A setting perhaps?

I guess I only encounter problems like no animals because the server is usually full of players and for some weird reason, nothing spawns. I don’t really have a solution for you dude. That’s about all I know.

Very easy solution. Go to an unpopulated server.

That’s the problem. It’s my server so I’m the only player online…

I also find that animals are too few and far between. Especially if you head off the road, in which animals become non-existent.

I was on a PvE server where they had so many animals and zombies, it was perfect. I can’t find any mod that allows us to change the amount though. I’ve checked all Oxide, Leather, Rust++, Essentials etc… None of them are capable of spawning NPCs or increasing the amount of them.

That’s odd. someone was just telling me about an event the admins held on a server where they put you in an arena full of zombies and had to find the exit. They might’ve been making it all up, though.

Just wait a bit, eventually more will spawn.

I hope you’re right. Would be amazing to see a dynamic spawns plugin.

Although I’m curious as to what this command does: “wildlife.forceupdate True/False”