Lacking motivation to make maps?

Whenever I seem to want to make a map when I start up Hammer and then try to continue working on my map I feel like not doing it anymore since it wouldn’t be very special compared to other maps out there which already have my idea and do it with more detail. Anyone else lack motivation to make a map or to continue making your map?

yes, but i only make maps that i want to make and other people dont.

Well, if you keep persistant then you’ll eventually have the will to make your map, do as I do, block out your map areas, don’t spend time detailing one room then realise you’ve spent a week on it and you’re fed up.

I don’t block stuff out because then they get conflicting… I meant, I block it out somewhat as I go, but only to carve up that block (with clipping tool, not carving tool). Sometimes it will changes size or shape, but nothing will be around it since it’s on the outskirts of the yet to be built areas.

Actually, all my maps are original… but I never feel like finishing for some reason. It always feels like work after a while… and I don’t mean a while of really going at it, I mean just having it sit there for a while.

If I ever lose motivation, I just go and script or code something, come back and continue working on my map. I’m usually more productive after a nice long break from hammer (maybe a day at the most)

i rarely have the motivation and i have no skill