Ladder Animations

I was wondering if anyone had, or can make scripts an animations for ladders, cause someone sliding up a ladder is rather unappealing, and if you can do this, do you think it would be possible to do this for HL2:DM as well?

This is something I like the sound of :smiley:

Alright. This is cool. I was planning on doing something like this.
I think you’ll need an autorun and a few new animations.
For animation all you need is a mount animation, a dismount, and a climb loop. This goes for first person as well as third. If you do the first person one first, you can import in into your third person and go from there. Shouldn’t be too difficult.
Unfortunately i have little experience with autoruns. Luckily i have a decent amount of experience at lua.
What i do know is that you will need at least 2 things: one, to check whether you’re on the ladder (this is pretty easy…in a Think() loop [as in run every frame], you’ll need a Entity:GetMoveType or something like that. And basically you know the player is on the ladder whenever it returns MOVETYPE_LADDER. Just look it up for a bit of help with syntax). Once you’ve done that, the game knows the player is on a ladder and can start playing the custom animations.
The next bit is a bit simpler: all you need to do is set the mouse sensitivity to 0 when on the ladder, and back to normal when you’re off. This way, the animations won’t get messed up by looking in the opposite direction to the ladder, which would look like you were climbing on thin air.
Pretty simple, eh?

I would just say, Get the ladders position and angles, the players view cannot go out of -45 and +45 Degrees of the angles, So you cant look behind yourself while on the ladder. New animations would be required yes… unless there done in Lua.

Given enough time, i may be able to make these animations, i just need to do a little research, i can already port some of the default ones and make them into what we need, will have to port the ladder model for a reference, all rungs in all ladder mdls are the same distance apart, correct?


However, i found that the HL2 already has animations for laddr climbing, maily for bot, but would it be possible to script it to work with the player?