Ladder block fail

Lets say theres an open 1x1 and u fall into it…you cant ladder yourself out? why…?
lol so lame to have them be blocked.

So many minor little things that you cant get yourself out of all because ladders are blocked…

Same could be said if ladders weren’t blocked and you didn’t happen to have cloth and wood with you. That’s why you don’t fall down small holes and get stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah I get your point. Seems stupid though I cant wait until tool cupboard is just gone…

I actually like tool cupboards, they give you some control over who can build where. So you may have two bases and let friends build in one but not another really easily, it’s a hard system to find a good replacement for.

Having ladders blocked and using those stone external walls now is OP…like…we would have to blow them up just to get past them? I cant ladder up it…why? lol

I feel theres an element of creativity missing with this block…we need to be able to jump around and find the flaws in people bases not be so restricted to the ground…might as well just take away jumping in the game.

In legacy there were no babys crying about getting griefed there were pillars in middle of foundations that would stop it…Tool cupboard…lame.

the ladder issue will be sorted when siege ladders are added, then you can get up over peoples walls and such but it’d be way too easy if you could just build everywhere without cupboards being involved.

lol u should see this epic newbie compound thats built in the server im in…its so horrible and yet u cant even ladder in…probably quit for a few months until this gets changed.

Without the new ladders ready to be added this was the wrong time to nerf the ladders so hard. Hiking the resource cost massively would of been a better plan. Then the TC could of remained the same as before also. The game just wasn’t ready for these two changes to come in.

Hopefully getting the new ladders out will be a priority.

It could be worse, there could be spikes in that 1x1

We need something like this added in game