Ladder door question

Hi, just a quick question, I’m quite new to the game!

I have ladder doors in my base, some without codes for ease of access. I was getting raided and he got to the ladder doors and couldlnt get any further so he simply picked up the ladder doors and left. He had no building privillages so I was slightly confused why he could pick up my ladder doors? I didn’t think you could do that or am I missing something?

It was on a normal vanilla server to.


some without codes for ease of access… there you go… thats the problem dude

That’s not the issue, the ladder doors go to no where so no need for codes. My point is that why can someone without building privs pick up my ladder hatches? They can’t just walk in and pick up my furnace for example

Because you can pick up opened doors and ladder hatches if you hold E if they don’t have a lock on them

That something than needs to be fixed in my opinion then, only building priv should be allowed to pick them up in someone’s base

Unlocked doors, (of any kind, wooden, armor, ladder hatch), can be removed freely when open, if not locked. (Once locked, they cannot be removed, open or shut, until you unlock them). This isn’t affected by the toolcupboard, seeing as it isn’t technically “building”, it is picking up a non-secured deployable.

Sorry if you disagree with it, but it is part of the game mechanics!

Get used to that system and don’t say what is right and what is wrong. Only devs know what is right and wrong because they follow their vision of how the game should be.

Thanks for the explanation, I guess I will learn from it haha! I really enjoy the game so it’s not a big issue, just a question :slight_smile:

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It was just a simple question and opinion that I would liked that system to be different. I understand it as someone explained it well. There was no attack on the game like you seem to think… Perhaps you taking a friendly tone next time may help you in the future.

Then again who are you to say what someone else can do? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and ‘democracy’ as dull as it sounds, is about allowing people to share their opinion freely, so no need to be indirectly going against the guy for believing something is ‘not right’.

Also judging by the developers ‘knowing’ what is right and the player base (who mrjackson is a representative of) does NOT know what is right, how come the developers prefer to listen to their player base? Isn’t it a bit contradictory for them to do the ‘right’ thing when they are clearly doing the ‘wrong’ thing?

On-Topic I was about to say the same as some other guys. You simply can pick up opened doors and hatches. Keep that in mind and to be fair, I am 50/50 on the matter. I’m both for and against tweaking the mechanic as both have its own pros and cons. But that’s for a different thread.