Ladder hatch issues

I’ve been playing with 7 or 8 friends recently and one of us has got a really, really buff character model. He’s black and has huge shoulders. Unfortunately he can’t fit through the ladder hatch without looking at a very specific angle and struggling through it. He’s actually too wide to get out of the base and it can be really frustrating sometimes. The rest of us can travel through it just fine. Could this please get fixed? It’s funny but annoying.

lol for real?
His character is so fat? :wideeye:

Not fat. Really buff (strong) though.

I havent thought about looking at how my character is built, but i get stuck in the hatch from time to time, i just thought it was me not climbing up properly

It might have something to do with graphic settings.

On my home rig, which is pretty powerful, I run the game at max graphics and I never get stuck on ladder hatches.

However, I play Rust at work from time to time (if its slow or during lunch) and the PC I use is weak, so I play with graphics at the lowest possible setting. I manually go in and move all the bars to their lowest level. Playing on this PC and with the graphics turned down, I routinely get stuck on the hatches in my base. To get unstuck I close them and reopen them until it finally lets me through.

Thank u!
That might be my problem, i play on a laptop (a good one, but crappy connection) need to have the graphics turned down alot to not lag out… so i guees no more ladder hatches for me until i get a new computer… :stuck_out_tongue: