ok, so i know people have had problem withs ladders before, but thats because they were n00bs, this problem is THE GAME, not me.

so, i’m making an onslaught map (which isnt the problem, i tetsted it in sandbox too) and when i walk onto the ladder it spams the noise for when you get on a metal ladder, and it dosnt work, i just sit there at the bottom, the sound happens, but the climbing dosnt.

so, i’ve made ladders before.

lots of ladders.

i tried pressing e on it, nothing happens, i noclip, fly away from the ladder, speed toward the ladder and un-noclip, nothing.

now i’m pissed.

i try getting on the ladder via the top, and nothing happens.

and now, i’m typing up this thread, pease help.

sure its set up correctly?

Sounds like it isn’t set up right.

The ladder drop point (or is it something else) is too close to the attach point.

Is it a func_ladder?

Do you have the mount points set up?

yes everyone, i am 100% sure it is set up correctly, the mount points are set up correctly, and what the hell are you talking about kukiric?

Probably the wrong ladder entity. The game doesn’t just fuck up! : D

So you are adamant that you set it up right, and that the game is broken, and yet you are asking for help in the mapping forum?

If it doesn’t work it’s your fault.


Look at the premade hammer prefab, it’s called ‘ladder_simple’ or something similar.

I’ve had this before and it’s usually because your start and/or end point is stuck inside a brush or something.

Come on, it’s GMod.

tried it in another game?

also, usually when you get stuck at the bottom of a ladder you put the start/endpoints to near of the model/brush.