Ladders can be knocked over in raids

Let them be used for sieges.

Allow for a multitude of defenses against them in windows.

Allow them to be knocked over by people on top.

If some asshole is throwing a ladder to my window, I’d just wait until hes climbing and just push the ladder with him on it.

Make it a timed knock over (requiring like 3 seconds or something) and it severely damages anyone using or behind the ladder when knocked over while raiding.

It makes the ladder a huge risk/reward raid tool. Maybe you can get a jump start with your team up several floors, and knock out the risk of snipers. Or maybe you build the ladder just to have it knocked over and your main entry fragger killed by ladder.

“How was last nights raid?”

“Oh it was going good until Steve was crushed by the fuckin ladder”

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Obviously this would called like “siege ladder” and there would be “ladder” for builders and permanent placement

Would be nice if we could throw flaming low grade fuel jars down on them.