ladders, elevator bases and rock bases

Ok so ive played prior to ladders, ive played during. Ive done plenty of base building and plenty of raiding. Here is my overall solution.

Keep this change, make ladders building priority only. However we need to stop a few things.

1 - Dont allow bases to be built on rocks. Make all rocks in game limited to AT MOST a 2x2 foundation, so make rocks pointed and wonky.
2 - Make tool cupboards only cover areas above them and not below. So for example a tool cupboard on the second level of a base will only effect the second, third, fourth etc levels, but not the first level because it is lower on the y-Axis. So then people will be able to destroy bottom level cupboards of a base and get up instead of cheeky builders having a tool cupboard on the 4th floor and no way to access it.
3 - Make is so that all stairs and building half blocks cannot be made as twig, only wood and up (much like doors in a door frame where you cant make them twig). So then base owners cant be cheeky and bust out the means they used to enter and exit a base.
4 - Make ladders expensive and hard to destroy. Same reason as point 2, it will make it hard for base builders to be cheeky and destroy the same ladder they used to get into their base.

These 2 points will sway the balance a little bit back to the raider, but not as much as ladder going anywhere as of recent, or as much as rock and elevator base simulator that we had for the last 6 months prior to ladders being introduced.


Point 2 is actually ingame since yesterday.

Weren’t “elevators” nerfed? Can’t jump place half blocks anymore.

been like that for awhile

Completely wrong. To elevator using half blocks all you need to do is stand at the corner of the block before jumping and placing. Go try it.

I havent seen this at all in the patch notes…

Can anyone else confirm?

Devblog 75:

Changed cupboard building zone shape.

Seems to be a cylinder now instead of a sphere, extends up.

I like building on rocks, not because I hate being raided so much as I enjoy the challenge of making it all fit and look good. I keep almost nothing after I’m done for the day so they waste c4 to get in. I would really prefer you not screw up another place to build like you jacked up the caves. I generally leave the ladders in place anyway so making them harder to destroy is not a big deal. I make all my stairs stone as I like the look and c4 takes them out if I really want to deter a raider, again, why bother, better let a raider waste c4 to get in and find nothing.

But still i dont get why they even allow us to build on rocks.

For now, they should remove this ability until they find a better fix…

why not ? having freedom on where to build is fun. its not like rock base are OP, we could always raid them.

A fix for what? There’s nothing broken here, they just changed the cupboard so that it only protects on the same level and above it now. Rock bases are not invincible.

i dont like the idea of restricting where and how to build. building is a fun aspect of rust. so far, there was never anything wrong with building on top of rocks. even pre-ladders, building on top of rocks was fine because you could build a twig tower and jump on top. Recently, jumping was improved and its much easier to reach the top of the rocks now.

Sure you gotta practice a bit before mastering how to build raiding tower correctly to reach the top without dying of fall damage. Sure you need to work to reach the loot of the player youre about to rob. but whats fun about rust is constantly trying to find new way to build in order to defend against offline raid. there are tons of possibility, and i cant wait to toy with the new system to see whats possible.

The problem is not the game. When you dont want adapt to gamechanges then you are lazy or a noob. Building a Raid Tower is pretty easy. You can learn it in 5minutes. And here is the problem. When you dont want spend 5minutes in the game then its your fault. In Rust you need to adapt to every update. With the introduce of ladders you must make your base save against ladder. When you want an easy mode then rust might be the wrong game for you. Raiding must be hard with much effort. When you find the sweet spot of a base you can start raiding from the sweet spot. But dont judge the system when you cant adapt to changes.

The solution is not to overly restrict where bases can be built. That will just turn gradually Rust into a “there’s only one good solution” game, and it’s supposed to be a Sandbox.

The solution is about opening up more ways of building.

More ways of building means more different ways of building a “good” base, so that building and raiding isn’t so one-dimensional. Give players the tools and flexibility to design their own innovative solutions to building hard-to-raid bases, and then the raiders will devise innovative ways of raiding those bases… and so it continues…


Agreed - it’s an open game. Let’s not restrict it with more “rules” about where players can / can not build. That’s what leads to creative base designs (I still think removing the rotate ability after 10 minutes was a mistake) and keeps the game fresh.

Aside from #2 in the OP, all of those points seem silly and arbitrary. There are countless ways to deal with rock bases / elevator bases, now more than ever. It sometimes takes a little effort or planning, but that’s the point: you have to decide whether raiding a base is worth the time & resources.