Ladders in detail ( from Rustafied )

They are a default blueprint, cost 300 wood and take 200 seconds to craft
They can be placed where building is blocked and on large rocks
You can use them to climb through windows
You can place them on pillars (although it’s a bit tricky)
You can get around a 90 degree angle on buildings with them
They can be placed on buildings while you’re in the water
You can use tools / C4 while on them
They can be placed on icebergs and monuments (not rad towns though)
You can destroy a ladder with 4 hits from a hatchet

But do not worry… Garry has fixed some problems with them:

You can’t place ladders inside other ladders anymore
You can no longer shoot weapons while on ladders

O … you can not shoot when your on them. Ooooooo… like that makes any big difference.


Remember, kids, source code has to be engraved in stone, which means you literally have to move mountains to change something later.

In a more serious vein, do you have any firm plans for introducing new defensive elements that’ll let you eliminate the tool cupboard functionality, garry? Obviously, edge cases and exploits in the building system probably go along with that decision, but I’m sure that’ll come with time. People seem to have adopted the cupboard wholesale into the meta when it’s “probably” not a permanent addition, and I’m just wondering if there’s a roadmap in your head for derailing that and getting it out of the meta at some point.

No ETAs, just wondering your thoughts on the matter.

I say let ladders be in the game but they should be blocked in building blocked areas, and only used to get over tough terrain

If they can’t be placed in a blocked area, then wut is the point of them?

I think they’ll be fine for the most part. Later on, if there were traps that would dump oil out of windows, or even a way for players to do it, it’d be awesome. Maybe the derricks will give something like that.

watch the player count drop so fast when this patch hits. player count was up so high past weeks. but i think ladders and the way they are right now will ruin the game as we speak…

big groups will be even more op lol.

Ladders are a good addition to the game. Makes the game more fun.

Only carebears are crying now,since their lewts will be taken away.

Now solo/small teams can actually reck clans.

thx to this patch the game wont be broken anymore and alot of streamers wil play it again dont listen to haters bro :wink:

Don’t really see how ladders could be a bad thing… the ability to now reach rock bases is great for balance. I think people are more worried about people climbing their bases, but surely you can avoid this by simply creating an overhanging ceiling tile around the top of the first wall of your building… (or every floor for extra security), then people will just hit their head on your ceiling at the first ladder :slight_smile:

Like always,people will come up with a new idea to counter them.

My plan is to make a small base with hidden rooms that is more trouble then the loots worth to raid.

Sure are a lot of new players in these threads who have not been playing this game that long.

Most of which seem to have no idea about why the cupboards were added in the first place.

It was not an anti-raid tool, it was to protect your home from griefing. You would go offline for the night and come back to having your whole base encased in level 3 walls (which was the highest at the time, this is when you still needed to hammer everything).

The cupboard was always meant to be temporary.

Like it has been said time and time again. Its a resource game.

You need having floors to stop ladders. But you also need barricades to stop people from twig jumping on those barricades. Its again more & more resources that builders need to implement for maybe a minute extra protection.

The problem is not the ladder but they way they act. This is not a ladder where when you place it, you can go up one floor. This ladder is spiderman …

It can be placed on almost anything. Wall, support pillars, rocks. It can be placed even on a 90° angel … is that a ladder???

That literately means somebody can find a opening and then start moving from side to side in a horizontal way.

The ladder is so unrealistic in its working that its just scream OP.

This is how all bases are going to look like now:

Cube shape, no windows, doors as “windows”, no balconies, sticking out floors with barricades everywhere, maybe only pillars as lower levels.


The more raiding tools there are, the less creativity there is in the base designs.

  • rockets higher bases there wall crack able like a nut. Unless you trow more resources into it ( with secondary high walls )
  • ladders remove any higher building styles unless you trow more resources into it with even more barricades etc.

I know one thing. When the server wipes, the first thing i will look for is a cave. Its the cheapest base defense there is now. If i will even bother… I just want to play one wipe until ARK comes out and i will move to that game. Maybe they also have a lot of flaws but at absolute minimum they offer more logic in there supposed game play. And freaking automated base defenses!

Couldn’t agree more, in order to make a base ladder proof at the moment the player would have to pour hours in to adapt to the changes.
I think a more balanced idea at the moment would be stability for ladders for example lets say after 3 wall height, no more ladders can be placed unless on stable ground or floors. Also once one ladder has been placed in one direction the player can only add a ladder on top, none of this horizontal and diagnal shit unless of course these ladders are super glued on to the wall.

The problem is, Garry just took the code for signs, added the ability for people to “walk/stick” to it, added a ladder model and bingo … ladders. That is why they are so unrealistic.

I like to call them Spiderman Ladders because it really fits so well.

Be ready also for more ice bases etc … because its now extreme easy to get up on ice with these ladders ( already confirmed ), so clans will probably start non-stop building on those. People will complain how ice bases are un-raidable ( because there is no staging ground around. Attackers need to swim a long distance, climb walls etc … ). Now the real valuable spots are going to be: Caves and ice bases.

I’d love to see the ladder as a freestanding structure that can be leaned against objects. Houses, rocks, trees, across streams – whatever the player deems it useful for. To that end, I wouldn’t mind seeing the ability to create longer ladders (or connect multiple ladders). I can’t believe I’m about to say this, because I’m universally against adding any kind of “if x then y” rules to Rust, but just as in real life, if a ladder is more than x units long, it requires more people to carry it. Add the ability for the ladder to tip over (just as in real life), and now we’re talking.

Regardless, yay for the ladder.

admittedly i would have had it as a deployable rather than a building element, but hey, first iteration and all that.

so if ladders are the same code as signs, can I paint my ladders?

At least I think ladder should’nt be allowed INSIDE building.

My 2cents

Then the raiders will complain again that they can not deal with buildups or when stairs get destroyed by there own C4.

And how do you tell the difference between inside or outside? When somebody blows a hole in your wall, your inside becomes your outside. :wink: