Ladders no longer bypass building permission

As the titles says… Ladders no longer bypass building permission, have increased health - @garrynewman (/main)

Strongly against this… thought the ladders are easy enough to deter and prevent access with the appropriate counter measures… effectively they will be useless again… all this does is make them an item to use as a defender… someone attacking wont need them as they wont be able to use it unless they get building priv, which in most cases if they do, they just build stairs instead…

to get up high (especially if someone destroys their way up)… Raid tower yes… but with the fall damage the way it is… lets hope ladders make a return to their current state in the future…

EDIT: Only good thing is nicer looking bases…
Double EDIT: Ok I take it all back… the leaning ladders planned in the future sound good to me! plus the changes to the tool cupboard mean no bases made on tilts… and I can just build up to the rock base… so dont need the ladders… I must of missed info on the tool cupboard in the dev blog?

I’d still stick the ladder to the rocks, even with build block, but not on the walls, or we have the rock bases again.

Rock bases is still the go for a lot of people…

I really like this change, I was disappointed when they got implemented and they bypassed the cupboard because they where to op for the cost, now I agree that they should be able to be placed on rocks no matter if a cupboard covers the area or not but this also means that Garry has something up his sleeve to make this change, my guess is something will be added in the next couple weeks to help balance this stuff out again. I also like the decay change they are making which makes it a lot like legacy with doors resetting decay timer and I thought this was going to be another weak week for updates, glad I was wrong.

About time! Ladders made the game to easy, oh can you remind me what happened in legacy with decay it’s been awhile.

I say it’s gonna be ineteresting how things will change again. I love the developement process.

Its going to be about the same as it was before ladders, a bunch of near impossible bases to raid.

In the long term this is a good thing. Dont you work hard on your base? Wouldnt you like to have it for longer than a week or two? When/if the team decides to make Rust more RPG-like you are gonna be thanking them that your progress wont be wiped out by one dude with three ladders and ten c4.

extremely stupid cant play properly people just going to build impossible bases to get near its hard enough now to make c4 n rockets to penetrate a hq metal base on a rock so how are we meant to get so far in to building blocker then to add a ladder to climb to some1s loot ?

And I thought the era of raid towers was over.

Such a pointless addition

I was on a break from Rust when the ladder was introduced (followed quickly by the building skirts). So, with a building with skirts, how would people raid those? I saw a few raid towers next to skirted buildings. Would folks break the skirts? Wasn’t towering just as feasible as before? I saw a lot of bases where the skirts actually made the raid towers more effective.

They are. You still can’t place blocks underneath your feet. It’s all about dem stairways to heaven again.

No more quarry robbing for the small groups or solo players. Also no more raiding for them. What a dumb decision. Now people will need to make a metric shit ton of c4 to raid anything, after the 10 mins rotate after upgrading too which basically killed tool raiding.

Well at least I’ll be unraidable. Layers and layers of external walls around my base so like 5 c4 each and an elevator only I can build to get up into it.

Actually don’t like this change. I’m curious behind the reasoning for it.

The only plus I can think of is nicer looking bases but even then I think there’s probably ways they could have got around it other than invalidating the whole reason ladders were useful.

Make “Raiding” ladders loud, and make them like extension ladders, so it has to be placed a specific way, or you get hurt.

here is a quote from Garry posted on reddit.

[–]garryjnewmanGarry! 75 points 6 hours ago

Every change we make ruins the game for solo players, or clans, or 13 minutes a week players. Here’s some text from the devblog

Ladders no longer ignore the building permissions. This is a game changer, and might be temporary, might be permanent, we’re testing it. Let me explain where we are with ladders.

These ladders right now are serving two purposes. They’re a raiding tool and they’re here for people to use in their builds. We’re switching the usefulness as a raiding tool off here - and focusing on them primarily for builders.

The problem is well documented, they’re overpowered and they force people to build in a certain way to counter them. Our intention is to bring them back as a raiding tool, but in a different way. The idea is that instead of pulling them out of your inventory and placing them, when you craft them they’ll be on some kind of crafting mat - and you’ll have to physically carry them and lean them up against a wall. Which means the height they’ll reach will be limited too.

Knew there would be good reason behind it. That sounds alright.

From what Garry has said, I much prefer their new idea to how ladders are now. They are stupidly easy to craft and so overpowered with what they can do. What’s the point in high stone walls if someone can just get 300 wood and 50 cloth and climb straight over it

Ladders are overpowered now, true. However, preventing us from building them within the cupboard radius at the moment will bring us more problems than solutions.

We will go back to the era which elevator and rock bases were 99% of the buildings out there. Garry said: “They’re overpowered and they force people to build in a certain way to counter them”, but the very lack of ladders (which has been tested for months already) will also FORCE people to build in a certain way. It will force people to do the elevators/rock bases again, because if you don’t do that, then your house is the weakest on your neighborhood and will get raided for sure.

I read that Garry has other plans for the ladders and I welcome that, however, while these plans are not implemented, things MUST stay as they are right now, for the sake of gameplay. Rock bases and elevator bases break immersion, are nearly unraidable and make the game pointless.

I hope he rethinks about it!