Ladders with Hammer (Half Life 2)

I’m creating a map for Garrys Mod but I cannot get the ladders to work… Most Tutorials on YouTube tell me to use func_ladder which isn’t available for me anywhere… Anyone had a similar problem or know of a solution?

Thank you!

Func_ladder is in HL2’s fgd, you just need to tie a brush to it with ‘Tie to Entity’ (use nodraw or tools_ladder for the brush texture).

The best method though is to use the actual ladder entities and info_ladder_dismount.

As for how to get those set up,

Hey, thank you very much, I’ll look into that. Does it still work if I need to use multiple ladders for a tall building or is there an alternate way of doing that?

If it’s all one ladder going from top to bottom (a ladder of epic length like that one in MGS3) you just need one usableladder entity or one func_ladder brush that covers the length of the ladder for the whole thing.

If you need more than one ladder in the level you just need to name the useable ladder entity for each one and then tie the dismount entities to that ladder’s name. For func ladder you don’t need to do anything, just make sure each func ladder brush is its own entity , don’t select all of the brushes you want to be turned into Func ladder and do it or else you’ll have one gigantic func ladder entity.

I don’t have the func_ladder brush, but I have kinda got the ladder to work with func_useableladder… Ill work on it haha