Lady Awesome - The Superheroine, you'd love to surrender

Howdy Folks :clint:

So i had the idea for this comic, when i read the theme-choices for this weeks contest by Mr. Whitefolks and i needed to make this because the idea wasn’t going to stop running in my head, over and over again.

So here it is.
It’s my second attempt at creating a comic.
I might have thought of a better name for her, but i was too lazy for this.

Minor Note:
I wanted to make her first topless and covering her chest with the arms but then again, i thought:
It’s imature enough, why going down this road too ?

So, what do you think of this crap ?
Post all you thoughts, ratings, comments, critisism or anything else, that runs through your head.
It’s all welcome … as long as it’s appropriate. :biggrin:

That was nice and pretty funny.
Posing was good but there is still some room for improvement.
I think the outline of your speech bubbles is a bit too thick and the bubbles could be smaller. (there is too much blank space inside them in my opinion)
I didn’t like pink background but it’s related to the character so it’s not something to correct.

Haahaha, nice. Made me laugh. Good job.


Is a good thing… oh yeah the comic… the comic is good too.

I lol’d at the male hostage there.

Talking to her while they stare at the boobs. ;p

@ Silly Sil:
Yeah well, as i mentioned above, it’s my second comic and my first with spechbubbles.
Usually, i create standalone pictures, not complete comics so i still need practise for it.

@Talishmar & CrzyMLC:
That was the whole purpose of this comic, her “Super-Powers”, that control peoples mind are her big boobies.
Let’s face it, at least some guys would react like this in reality. ^^

When I read this, I just thought was this made by a horny 13 year old? frankly I don’t like this, it’s not that interesting?

Ooh, so creating 24/7 generic bullcrap, involving only guys with guns or mindless violence is much more mature ?
Good to know that.
Next time, I’ll stop thinking outside of the box and create more off-screen shooters because, obviously we can’t have enough that. :fuckyou:

Haha, nice.

No need to get worked up. Dude I just said it wasn’t that interesting. I’ve seen so many comics like this from the girls I hang out with at school. Just saying everything just doesn’t add up here it just my opinion.
Not every one will like your work.
I like your other stuff.
It’s not like I said “you completely suck just stop.”
As for the generic bullcrap try to INNOVATE ON MY COMPUTER.

If those were real extremists muslim terrorists, they’d have gone ballistic at the sight of this infidel, heathen woman. They’d have raped her and shot her once they got over their surprise, crying various muslimisms.

Still, good comic, good concept!

Sry for the rant, you couldn’t knew it but i lacked of sleep and food in my stomach, when i wrote that.
Those things combined make my mind go berserk.

Well, they weren’t supposed to be that kind of terrorist, but i guess the choice for the redhead-tango was wrong.

With a clear english language and professional hardware (IMI Tavor 21 and IMI UZI), i wanted to show them as a more western group.

Is her vag doin the talking in this frame or somethin? XD

What the … ? What kind of twisted imagination do you have ?
I just pointed in her direction, it wasn’t supposed to be any particular bodypart.

Putting the spechbubble directly to the mouth is for amateurs.


What are you sad about ?
I’m glad, i didn’t finished the thought about making her naked at the end of the comic-strip.
That would have been the last step towards imature.

It’s pretty funny, yeah. And indeed, the name is a bit unpolished to say the least.

Actually the thread title would almost imply she’s a supervillain (you’d love to surrender)

As for the actual content of the comic, posing and editing and shiiz, it’s all good, but nothing really stands out, which is sort of the idea for a comic, since you’re supposed to tell a story, so good job.

eh, this was an alright comic, posing was pretty good, but it was a 1 joke comic really. I just hope this didn’t take you too long.