Lady Deadpool (SFM)[/t]

A port of Lady Deadpool from the game Marvel Heroes with new hair and high-quality textures. Compatible with the rig_biped_simple IK script.

This model is only for SFM!

Skin 0 = Classic| Skin 1 = Deadpool: The Game Style

Porting, High quality textures, Model hacking - Fat-Corgi-Guy/Porky-da-Corgi
Ripping of the model and original texture -Tribalizer
Original Models & Textures - Gazillion Entertainment
Ponytail model from DOA5



Yes Lady deadpool…wait false alarm just SFM

why all the hate for sfm?

Most people don’t use it, I think it deserves its own section though. Still yay nice model :smiley:

Can I use this for gmod (playermodel)

It says it’s specifically for SFM, please actually read next time

That feeling, in which you enter Facepunch for new contributions, and find a good, perfect and excellent post with a new model … and is only available to Source Filmmaker.

Why!?! Why torture me like this?! I just wanted Models like this in Garrys Mod, not in SFM! My computer hates me and can not run that program! Why are you so evil!?!?!?!?

PD: No really, why not create a single thread for SFM? I’m tired of meeting Models that I like, and I can not use them in Garrys Mod. Anyway, good model.

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Oh for fucks sake stop crying.

Its for SFM, who cares? Jesus, calm down, if you want it for gmod, ask someone to give it the required edits to make it gmod compatible.


And, really, its the models section, under the Valve Games and Mods section, its no longer Gmod specific.

First of all, calm down. At no time have I insulted the creator of the Post.
Simply, I have expressed my disappointment of meeting Models like this (O Firefly Batman Arkham Origins, for example) that are not available for Garrys Mod

Second, please calm down again, perhaps you’ve never heard of a Meme? I was joking (almost always do in situations like this).

Third, if it is true that they could pass it on to Garrys Mod, but I do not know, give me some fear ask because as I’ve been watching, I you take everything very personally. See my review for example. No insults said. However, you show up and answer me so brutal. Quiet friend, I was just giving my opinion.

That said, if someone is offended, I apologize. But I just said that’s something tiresome. That is, if he were at least this model for Garrys Mod and SFM would be fine I guess.

PD: I’m using Google Translator. I am Spanish.

guys is this aswep???

no its a map

oh ill just make a request for a swep in genera discussion thats where all the gmod stuf goes

Welp time to install SFM again.

Seriously, what’s up with all the disagrees? Is something not working with the model? Is it just because it’s not gmod compatible? There’s nothing anywhere that states that all models released must be Gmod compatible, and SFM’s usually better for making poses and movies with anyways, though I admit Gmod does have it’s charm on occasion.
If people want I’ll put up the original model files and people can make a phys model from it so it’ll work in Gmod. I would myself but 1: I don’t know how, and 2: I don’t particularly feel the need to.

Corgi just learn to make phys models pls

otherwise great ass i mean job from what i can see

I would say put the source files out there, so if people bug you about a gmod version you can just say “everything is right there, do it yourself”.

Alrighty, here’s the model source files for anyone to edit for use in gmod: -you may need to remove a few bones to make it a bit more Gmod friendly as well but idk.

Also there is this tool which is pretty neat, this way you don’t need physmodels:

How many bones are we talking about

Well there’s thigh offset bones and thigh, bicep, and forearm twist bones for extra freedom with posing (for un-tangling twisted parts of the arms and legs) and the swords may or may not need to be detached (they’re rigged to separate bones on the model, but the meshes are free so you can move them about). Also the eyelid bone and the jaw bone could be removed as well as making the “boob bone” into a jigglebone.