lady liberty

Does anyone have a picture of the Statue of Liberty where it looks as if she is smiling? I need it for a promo.
Thanks, Alan

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… with teeth!

hoping this will fit:rolleyes:
She has no teath, but you know, actually it’s a statue and it doesn’t need a teeth

What have you been smokin’, man? Give mi some.

Wrong subforum, wrong forum and wrong website.

Thank you very much. I see from the other comments I shouldn’t have posted to this site. You are kind to assist me. I’m browsing the web for someone to do a commission of lady liberty with lovely teeth for a dental business promo. Thanks again, Alan

what…statue of liberty…dental business promo…
just wake me up somebody
I hope they will not use the Abraam Linkoln sitting statue for chair commercials…

ahah what the fuck

how did you end up on facepunch when looking for stock photos?

Ah, of course. You’re trying to find someone to do something for you for free, that usually you would need to pay for.

What I don’t understand is why would you then proceed to register to the official Garry’s Mod website and post this request in to the screenshots and movies section.

Maybe he typed in screenshot forums in Google or something.

Probably not

Never…EVER sign your posts. And wrong forum, I think.